Matt Johannesen

Software Engineer + Game Developer


Logo for Slip time Sleuth, with stylized neon blue text reading Slip time Sleuth on a black background

Sliptime Sleuth

Solve puzzles as a time-travelling private investigator!

Screenshot from Lift-Off Laetus, showing two teams of astronauts and a large glowing cube

Lift-Off Laetus

A two-player strategy game about stranded astronauts.

Screen shot of the Masked Dimension room, showing a rustic chair and a table holding mystical items

The Masked Dimension

Fully walkable VR escape room, built over the course of 3 months.

(For smaller demos/experiments, see my page.)


Hi! I'm Matt Johannesen, a software engineer based in Seattle, WA who specializes in games.
I graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in May 2022, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Interactive Media and Game Development.


  • C++, C#, C, Python, Javascript, Java, SQL
  • Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4/5, Lumberyard
  • Git, Perforce, Plastic